Balanced compromise between studs and rubber means balanced performance for ice and snow

  • Ice : Position of the studs on the tire to multiply the grip effect.
  • Snow : Width of the grooves to avoid the accumulation of the snow in the tread pattern. Position of the sipes on the shoulders.

Directional designed tread pattern and aggressive central groove for a smooth drive

  • To grip the ice : a central groove with hundreds of tooth ready to bite the ice, enhanced with the action of the studs on the shoulders.
  • Water, slush and snow : sipes to break water and snow walls; evacuation with the deep and long central groove associated to transversal «open grooves».

Density of protuding elements to stop in front of any danger

  • Strength of the stud, firmly hold in rubber to grip the ice.
  • Length and number of the edges to stick to the road when it is wet or snowy
Gforce Stud

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